Rules of Soccer

Soccer is easy to play; however, becoming a pro at soccer requires some effort. To master soccer, the best method is to practice and practice.

Similar to basketball the soccer players playing have their own places. In soccer, there are eleven soccer positions for each team playing on the field. Each soccer team playing on the field is comprised of one goalie or goalkeeper, and ten outfielders who play various defensive midfield, attacking and defensive positions. Each position have their own specific role and operational area and certain abilities are required for each soccer position.

Defensive Positions or Defenders

Defenders are the players who sit behind midfielders. The primary responsibilities of those who are assigned to these soccer positions is to offer defensive support to the goalie and stop the opponent from scoring. Defenders typically live score bola remain on their own side in the soccer field.

* Centerbacks – their primary responsibility is to prevent the opposition team from scoring, and more specifically the strikers, and also to keep the ball away from the penalty area whenever feasible.

* Sweeper – sweepers are an most adaptable centerbacks. They will sweep the ball in the event that they are able to breach defense. The sweeper should have great ball handling and ball control as well as ball passing skills to block any attacking move that the opponent makes.

Fullbacks – Fullbacks are players who stop that ball from crossing the line or going back inside the penalty zone.


Midfielders are placed in the middle between players and the defenders. Their primary responsibility is to ensure they control the ball, and to take the ball away from the defenses of the opposing team and then pass on to the forwards. The position of a midfielder is among of the most tiring soccer positions since midfielders’ roles are diverse. They can be called back to defensive positions or even attack the opponent’s team with strikers.

* Midfielder defensive – the job of soccer players in these positions is to steal off the ball from opposing team’s attackers.

* Attacking midfielders The players who play these positions are accountable to create scoring opportunities.

Strikers or Forward or Attackers

The players who play in these positions are those who are closest to the goal of the team in opposition. Their primary task is scoring goals. The second duty of soccer players in these positions is to help set up a goals for their teammates. The most famous football players strikers since strikers are more likely to score than their teammates.

There are 22 players and 11 players each team are soccer players. Positions may vary depending on the soccer team’s formation and the strategy employed, but generally a team roster will include goalkeepers and a few of midfielders, defenders and attackers.

Passing the Ball

The process of passing the ball is simple, but it is the most difficult part is the accuracy of the passing. This is the beginner’s handicap. To perform a typical rolling pass, kick the ball using an inside part of your feet (instep and toe portion). The ball should strike the lateral portion of the ball to allow it to move through the direction of a roll. The inside portion of the foot is also a good way to achieve precision, and the arch helps guide the ball. Okay, give it a go. You can kick the ball using a moderate force while the arch provides direction.

Intermediate Passing and Shooting

The video also showed how to perform the high pass. Take note of how his foot came in contact with the ball. In order for the ball to move it must be hit on the bottom. ball must be struck when you kick. To provide guidance, your inside (the toe area) that is your toe must be the primary contact with the ball’s bottom (of of the ball)

Shooting the ball is exactly the same as passing with high balls. Even a roll is considered to be shooting when it is utilized to score a goal. Now you understand why passing is important.

Soccer is an easy sport to play; however, becoming a pro at soccer requires an extra effort. To be proficient in soccer, the only method is to play and practice. To improve, you need you need to practice and play. To be the best, practise and be active.