Charity Auctions – Planning Ahead For a Successful silent Auction

Are you planning to go for an auction at self storage for the first time? Well then there might be some questions running through out your mind. Here are some common questions that sprout on the minds of many new bidders who are going for an auction. And here are some tips.

Generally auction at a self storage units takes basket ideas for fundraisers place when the tenant could not pay the rent. All the stuff of the tenant could be kept in an auction by the self storage organization after taking going through certain process. The information when the auction is going to be held where the auction takes place what are the contents that are going to be placed in the auction etc are generally advertised though websites.

* First thing you should do is to take a look on the contents. Actually the auction goers will not allow the bidders to step into the room where the contents are kept but they will allow you to take a view through door but you should not step in. You can take a view and plan according to that what will be a good bid for those contents.

* Check whether the contents which were named in the advertisement are present in the room which you have checked.

* In order to take part in bidding you should be minimum of 18 years or older. Otherwise you will be not allowed to bid.

* Auctioneers usually provide registration form, where you need to sign before participating in the auction. You need to provide your driving license or any government issued card as a proof to the auctioneer.

* Be prepared to buy all the items in the unit as auction goers allow you to buy the whole unit but buying only some things from the unit may not be possible.

* Bidding could be of two ways that is, it could be of live or silent so check in what manner they are going to auction that stuff.

* Bidders generally have to pay some cash deposit which is mandatory if the bidder after bidding fails to vacate the unit in time, the deposit will be seized.

* Cost for a bid is generally fixed, according to the space of the unit. If it is a big unit more will be the contents and bid cost will be more.

* If you win the bid you should pay the deposit and remaining amount only by cash. Cards and other means are not accepted.

* Bidders also should be prepared to take care of their own transportation as the unit auctioneers may not provide any such services.

* If you are looking for garage parts or if you are fond of collecting antique pieces then these self storage bidding is a very good opportunity.